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Do I know God's Word?

It absolutely amazes me how I grew up thinking that I knew God's Word. I am learning more and more each day that I didn't. It's also becoming more clear to me that there are so many people that are just as I was.

For instance(s)..
I used to "study" the Bible to just be able to not look silly in my sunday school class. I used to not understand ANYTHING that I was reading.I used to try to rationalize almost everything that I read.I used to not believe what I was reading. I can say this because I was not carrying out what I read on a daily, hourly, minutely basis.and the list could go on... I say all of these things because I can see clearly now how absolutely fake I was. I was living for myself and not carrying at all what God's Word says. Not only that, I wasn't even trying! I challenge you, as I challenged and keep challenging myself, that if you think that you know what God's Word says and that you think that you are carrying that out. Read Matthew 5-…

(you had me at) Hello AGAIN!

Been a very long time! Sorry for dropping of the face of the earth! It's been very busy around the Vallance household. One of the main reason is a new business venture. I'll have a to drop a line for the new company.. Check us out at We are focusing on IT needs for churches. One specific need we are targeting is web presents and cloud apps specifically google's suite of apps.

I had been out of the web design world for over 3 years now. Needless to say I've had some catch up work to do. Lots of late nights reading and research. Hopefully it will pay off soon. You can check out a few WIP now...

Crosspoint Baptist Church in Greenbrier

Our home church's up-and-coming site
First Baptist Church Maumelle

and it's youth tag-along site

So much to do (and figure out) so little time ;)

Hope all is well with you and yours! God bless!