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Just some questions......

These are a few questions that have been stirring in my mind for several months.

1.Can one actually receive Christ and not live for Him until years later?
2.Can the Holy Spirit dwell in someone for 5, 10, 15 years and it not change a person?
3.What does it mean when someone says "I have been saved for many years, but NOW I'm ready to get serious about my faith?" or "get serious with God"

Many people state a similar tale.... Raised in Christian home, saved at an early age, lived like a "normal" teen, experimented in college, got married and had some kids, and NOW I want to get real with God. This concept is somewhat disturbing to me. It is disturbing because that is how I was living my life for so long.
Have you ever made a profession of faith? If you have look at your life 5 years after that moment..... are you 5 years more worldly? or 5 years more Christ like? do the same thing for 10 years? 15 years? And so on...
God starts working on or molding His c…


We celebrated Alan's 29th birthday yesterday here at the house with a SURPRISE party! It was a blast. Alan had to leave around 4 to go hook up Jeff and Ashley's wireless internet for them. As soon as he left the house I called Ashley and she headed this way to help me set up. Joanne and Brian showed up around 4:30 to help too. Heather and Tim brought the sandwiches. THANKS for the help guys!! Then the other guests arrived around 5:30. Alan was due back any minute. We heard the garage door and like a bunch of fourth graders we turned out the lights and yelled SURPRISE when he walked in. He smiled and shook hands with the guys and we dug into some grub! The kids piled on my bed and watched Hannah Montana while the adults played a game of The Newlywed Game. Alan and I came back from scoring 0 points the first round to taking home the WIN in the end. We shared, laughed, prayed and celebrated! It was a wonderful time.

Step Aside Martha Stewart.....

Zoe wanted to cook dinner tonight. The menu was Cubed Steaks (minute steaks), Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Bread, and a Susan Cake for dessert. She had a good time. She surprised Alan and Tyson with everything when they came home from basketball practice.
Zoe stirring the corn.
Zoe makes the best Mashed Potatoes!! YUMMY!!!
We all enjoyed the delicious dinner. Thanks Zoe!

Bible Belt

Matthew 7:21-23.
I was born and raised in the Bible Belt. Everywhere you look there are churches, crosses, Christian books stores, God Loves You on bumper stickers, little fish symbols on the back of 4 out of 5 cars, everyone goes to church, everyone claims to love Jesus, everyone is talking about this Bible study or that Bible study......BUT why has none of these people came and knocked on my door out of love and concern to share with me Jesus Christ? The answer is that everyone here in this blessed region of the country thinks because their neighbor goes to church and can paraphrase some scripture that it means they are saved. A thing that happens many times here in the Bible Belt is we are taught the answers to the questions BEFORE we understand what we are being asked. I came across this article via Notes from the Trail and I thought it was a very good read.

The Gospel of John

We recently had the opportunity to watch the movie The Gospel of John. The movie is the entire book of John in (I believe) the God's Word translation with each character speaking their part. The movie's scene selection is based on chapter and verse. It is truly a wonderful movie.

With all of that being said... It truly amazed me how many times Jesus says, "If you love me, keep my commandments." He repeats this over and over! It is my prayer that his words are ever present on our hearts and minds. Praise GOD for his amazing love!

There are many wonderful truths in this Gospel. I recommend that you (re)read the book of John. Why are you still reading here??? GO START NOW!

Good Week....

I have had a really good week so far. I have gotten to correspond with my really good friend about how we are ultra sensetive to sin. How we used to do things that we would not think twice about doing OR just justify doing it. Now we ask ourselves.... Should I do this? Is this right? It was just encouraging to talk to her and I feel blessed to have her as a friend. I love you, V!
Also, I have had contact with my former BSU director. While I was in college I was always active in the BSU or BCM(depending on how old you are). Over the past few days I have been flashing back to the memories I have from my college years and just hanging out at the BSU. Even though I was not a Christian at the time I still enjoyed being around the other students and the staff. We had an awesome time. We had F.I.R.E.(Faith In Real Experiences)on Wednesday nights and that is when we would have Bible study each week. One thing Jeff taught us was that no matter where you are in your life(high school,college,work…


A year of Salvation!!!
A year of restoration of my marriage
A year of almost perfect health for the entire family
A year of many missing teeth
A year of a new home
A year of new friends
A year of trying new recipes
A year of blessings
2007 will be a year that I will never forget. Its a year that marks the beginning of my life.

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. 2 Corinthians 5:17