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Do I know God's Word?

It absolutely amazes me how I grew up thinking that I knew God's Word. I am learning more and more each day that I didn't. It's also becoming more clear to me that there are so many people that are just as I was.

For instance(s)..
I used to "study" the Bible to just be able to not look silly in my sunday school class. I used to not understand ANYTHING that I was reading.I used to try to rationalize almost everything that I read.I used to not believe what I was reading. I can say this because I was not carrying out what I read on a daily, hourly, minutely basis.and the list could go on... I say all of these things because I can see clearly now how absolutely fake I was. I was living for myself and not carrying at all what God's Word says. Not only that, I wasn't even trying! I challenge you, as I challenged and keep challenging myself, that if you think that you know what God's Word says and that you think that you are carrying that out. Read Matthew 5-…