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Prayer for Tyson

I want to ask you to pray for Tyson. (and me) He came home from school on Wednesday upset because some boys were saying "Your Momma is so fat ...... " jokes. He was really bothered by this. He also said that they were teasing him about a girl in his class. They were saying Tyson loves ___. And he replied. Yep, the Bible says we should love everyone. So then the boys laughed and were joking about him wanting to marry the world. (keep in mind these are second graders) So, Tyson then tells me that he says to them that they need to be his friend because he reads the Bible and loves God. He told them that making fun of people and saying ugly words is a sin and God hates sin! I asked him if he really said that and he said "not out loud, but in my head." (smile) I told him that I was proud of him for at least thinking it. I talked to him about how the Momma jokes were not about me specifically and to just ignore them. He was quiet for several minutes and then he started to cry. I asked him what was wrong and he said he just had a bad daydream. He went on to tell me that he was standing in front of his class reading them the Bible and the boys kept knocking it out of his hands. ( my heart just exploded when he told me that) Anyway..... today Tyson asked his teacher if he could bring his Bible to class and read it. He told me that she said that he could. I find this hard to believe, but regardless its in his backpack. I was torn on whether or not to let him take it, but I thought I never suggested him read the Bible to them. I said IGNORE them. I learned something from my 7 year old son today. I learned we should always try to reach the lost.... NO MATTER THE COST!
I pray that he will grow up to be a God fearing Christian man like his Daddy.


Sooz said…
You have an awesome little boy! Great post! It is so refreshing to see a child love God so much that he thinks about it continually.
Hope you don't mind that I read your blog via Chelle's blog.
LeLe said…
Kids can be so cruel! My aunt told me that her 12-year-old son Charlie witnessed a bunch of boys making fun of another boy in their class because he didn't go to church. Charlie said he felt so sorry for him and tried to console him. My aunt told him it was a great opportunity for Charlie to witness to the boy. I don't know anymore about it, but I hope that the love of Christ can shine through Charlie. Those other boys...I mean, if they truly understood, would they make fun of people for not knowing our Lord? I don't think so...

Good for Tyson. I hope the other boys can understand that the word "love" means so much more than romantic love. And I can't believe they're still doing "You're momma's so fat" jokes still. That's so old-school.
Chelle said…
Awww, Tyson!!! Way to be a witness at the young age of 7!!! I remember one time I brought the Bible to school to prove to Mrs. Crowder that Jesus, was, in fact, "dunked" (as she put it) when he was baptized. The kids laughed...only b/cause they couldn't believe my audacity to prove a teacher wrong. But, I did...and all God's chilren said, "AMEN!" haha

So, here's to complete emmersion (haha) and showing the Love of Christ in our schools! You go, Ty!
Les said…
Kudos to Tyson for putting on the "armor of God" and arming himself with the "sword of the spirit, which is the word of God." (Eph. 6:10-11)

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