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Do I have to have a Christmas Tree??

I'm having a Christmas tree crisis this year. I have to laugh because well its one of those "that only happens to me" things. You may know that I was unable to get the Christmas tree's light to work when I originally tried to get it up one night last week. All week I patiently waited for Alan's return so he could get the lights working and we could decorate and all would be well in the land of Christmas trees. Alan started looking at the tree and he determined that it was just a broke tree. ( this was determined after shaking and twisting every single bulb ) Alan was also on call on Saturday so he is constantly being pulled away from the tree and time was ticking away. My precious time! I had made a schedule in my head as to how my Saturday was going to be played out. I even made the verbal announcement to the entire family during Saturday morning snuggle time. Well it was already well past noon and still NO TREE! So, I did the only thing I knew to do! Get the "old" tree out of the attic and put it up. The old tree is a small one and it lacks "fullness" if you know what I mean...... So I found some lights and began to cover it with lights. The kids were so thrilled to see something lit up. They put ornaments on it and were just thrilled to death. I have to admit the tree was UGLY, but it was a tree and it lit up. Now to my point....... This morning the kids let out a gasp and yelled that the tree had fallen over. WHAT??!!!??? How could that be? Who knows. The fact is that it was leaning over on the window. I was on my way out the door, so I just told Alan to go straighten it up for me. I asked him today what he did with the tree. He said that he tried to get it to stand back up but it appears that the ornaments are too heavy for it. As I type I'm looking over at the pitiful site of a tree and its propped up in the corner, the star is hanging on by a thread. I don't know what to do with it. Should I just take everything off and try it again? OR should I just stick my ficus tree (which already has lights) in the corner and be done with it.


Chelle said…
LOL! Hahaha. Oh, Linda. This does have "you" written all over it! I would love to see a picture. Leave it up...these are things that sweet memories are made of! Before long, your kiddos will be old enough to decorate it and evenly distribute the ornaments to maintain the "weight equilibrium" of the tree. Cherish these moments. I's hard to do! :-)
LeLe said…
Sounds like the Charlie Brown tree...

Gary H. said…
Linda, I have tried to log on/in and have had "old man syndrome" kinda like what your tree sounds like. I lean on walls more than windows. Just catching up on the blog... I love you girl.
Les said…
It could be worse. Right after my dad got his cabin built, he tried to put up a Christmas tree. He went out in the field and chopped down a pine (yes, pine tree) that was about 4 feet tall. Then, he put outside lights (yes, outside lights) on the pine tree. Lora & I have since taken over "tree decorating" tasks at Dad's.
Brittany said…
I say "Oh Ficus Tree, Oh Ficus Tree, how lovely are your branches!"
B Lines said…
I agree with chelle. Take lots and lots of pictures. You will be laughing so hard when the kids are grown and you bring them out to look at again. Your grandchildren will love it!
Jeff said…
I am eagerly devouring yours and Alan's stories!!! Wow! I'm so excited about what God has done and is doing in your lives!!!!!

We've got to hook up sometime and visit!

Ya'll wanna come to Monticello to hang out with the gang?

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