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Homework and monkies

My kids love hearing stories about mine and Alan's childhood. (Times that Alan went camping, I went fishing with my dad, we went on vacations etc.) They have their favorites in which we have to share on a regular basis. Im saying all this to give you some background so you will better understand what is ahead.....

Tyson was working on his homework. He brings his assignment home on Monday and its not due back until Friday. What a blessing!!! Tyson has learned that he likes to get it out of the way first thing, but this week we have had a house full of illness causing a slight delay in getting started. Tyson is learning homophones. He had worked through the first few pages and got to the last set of homophones. (their, there, and they're) He answered the questions and then had to write 3 "funny" sentences that contained at least two of the three. He asked me for help, so I just said first you need to think of something funny and then just write your sentences from that. He thought for a long time and was getting very discouraged. I just mentioned that clowns were funny or even monkies at the zoo are funny. OOPS on my part!!!! That triggered a story in his mind that I share with the kids about monkies at the St Louis zoo throwing their poop at the crowd. He said "Thanks, now I got it!" After a few minutes I went to check on the progress. I just wanted to share the results of his thinking...

1. There are monkies at the zoo that throw their poop.
2. They're happy to see their prize.
3. Their toys are there favorite things to play with.

And to make it even worse.... He then had to draw a picture of one of the sentences. He picked #1. I asked him why he wanted to draw that one and just said because its funny! I laughed and agreed. I just hope the teacher can smile.


Gary H. said…
Funny tale girl. There should be no doubt that those two kids of yours have humor in there genes. I can't wait to see the picture Ty drew. You really need to take the camera to his class and catch the "Kodak Moment" of his teachers face. You might need to send a little note explaining where Tyson heard that story before she thinks he just made that one up. Unless you are one of the ones there when it happened, it might not be appreciated as humorous. I sure do. Thanks for the call.
Linda said…
Good point. I will give her the scoop on the poop!
B Lines said…
You ALL crack me up!
Chelle said…
How funny! Boys and their potty humor...
Les said…
Hey, speaking on behalf of the teachers, I'd just be satisfied that I had a student in my class who knew what homophones were- no matter what kind of sentences they wrote!

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