Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Good Week....

I have had a really good week so far. I have gotten to correspond with my really good friend about how we are ultra sensetive to sin. How we used to do things that we would not think twice about doing OR just justify doing it. Now we ask ourselves.... Should I do this? Is this right? It was just encouraging to talk to her and I feel blessed to have her as a friend. I love you, V!
Also, I have had contact with my former BSU director. While I was in college I was always active in the BSU or BCM(depending on how old you are). Over the past few days I have been flashing back to the memories I have from my college years and just hanging out at the BSU. Even though I was not a Christian at the time I still enjoyed being around the other students and the staff. We had an awesome time. We had F.I.R.E.(Faith In Real Experiences)on Wednesday nights and that is when we would have Bible study each week. One thing Jeff taught us was that no matter where you are in your life(high school,college,work,nursing home)that is your mission field. You will someday be at a different place and need to take full advantage of the people around you at every stage. The example he gave was the college campus. He stated that we(the students)will never all be at the same place again and we needed to focus on witnessing to the students that were there while we had the chance. Well, I can honestly and regretfully say that I did nothing to build the kingdon of God during those years. I can say that I now have taken that teaching and applied it to my life today. Now my place in life is work. I am surrounded by the same people 40hours a week. That is now my "campus". Im not taking a day with those people for granted, because I know soon I will be in the..... Nursing Home! Wow, I will have to be prayed up because Im scared of old people.(I had a horrible Adopt a Grandma experience, but that is another post)SMILE!

So just remember to take full advantage of your "campus" wherever that may be. Share Christ every chance you get.

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Jeff said...

Great words and great comparison! It's been great catching up with you two! I'm amazed at what God has done!