Monday, January 21, 2008

Step Aside Martha Stewart.....

Zoe wanted to cook dinner tonight. The menu was Cubed Steaks (minute steaks), Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Bread, and a Susan Cake for dessert. She had a good time. She surprised Alan and Tyson with everything when they came home from basketball practice.
Zoe stirring the corn.
Zoe makes the best Mashed Potatoes!! YUMMY!!!
We all enjoyed the delicious dinner. Thanks Zoe!


Gary H. said...

Zoe, Do you know what? I am so proud of you girl. My daughters never wanted to cook for me when they were six. That meal you fixed is one of my favorite meals of all time. When I come stay with you and Tyson next month, you can fix it for me.

Linda, I love you and all the Vallances. You are an inspiration to me. See you soon.

Chelle said...

You go, Zoe!

Les said...

I need Zoe to come and visit me with all of those good cooking skills!

B Lines said...

Wow! That looks scrumptious! Way to go Zoe girl!

ARV said...

Zoe and Mom, the dinner was absolutely WONDERFUL!!!

Thanks so much for the hard work!

Zoe, you sure are beautiful!